Dove Capital Partners, LLC is a venture capital and advisory firm focused on two sectors within financial services – payments and alternative channels.

Our 25+ years of experience operating and advising companies on major strategic and operating issues provides significant benefit to our clients, limited partners, and the companies in which we invest.

Our experience, approach and style set us apart.

  • Experience: We have worked with many players in payments, and been involved in hundreds of engagements. This experience, along with senior leadership positions with P&L responsibility, has given us a unique perspective on the industry and its participants, and provides us with the advantage of being able to distinguish between real and false opportunities as well as the drivers that shape success or failure.
  • Approach: We take a real-world/‘get it done’ approach, that sets us apart from others. Our clients often remark that they do not see us as traditional consultants, but more as operators who understand and get things done in their businesses.
  • Style: Our reputation for action and ‘not pulling punches’ is strong and consistent. Although trained and experienced in strategy, we are not academic. We approach our work, whether in investing or consulting, more as executives and operators focused on achieving results.

We work best on issues that have no ready or apparent answers, where solutions need to be teased out of a variety of input streams, and where the risk of taking no action is significant.