Our advisory work focuses on strategic and operating issues in payments, channels, networks, consumer transaction accounts and the relationships that surround them.

Our principle currency is the expertise we have developed in all elements of the payments system over the past 25 years. This, combined with strong analytics, delivers compelling results quickly for our clients — banks, credit unions, card issuers, EFT networks, processors, acquirers and fintech companies.

Examples include:

  • Business strategy, particularly to drive growth or effect a turnaround
  • M&A, from candidate identification and valuation to integration
  • Credit, debit and prepaid growth for issuers, networks, and processors
  • Network growth strategy, including acquisitions and divestitures
  • ATM deployment and partnering strategy
  • Payments acceptance strategy, gateway, P2P/A2A and EBPP
  • Merchant acceptance strategy, including network/processor optimization
  • International growth in both developed and developing theaters
  • Channels optimization strategy

Our sweet spot is work with top management teams or Boards, addressing issues that have no clear-cut or correct answers, where risks are a part of every potential solution. Our experience gives us the ability to work as a leader with members of executive teams and Boards, both in terms of guiding the process and providing clear and compelling input to it.