The Dove Capital Partners Pledge Fund delivers value to participants in two ways: 1) The Fund is designed to provide insights into payments and related categories and as such deliver opportunities for innovation that otherwise would not be visible. In this regard, we provide Fund participants with innovation insights and exposure to deals that they would otherwise not see, this based largely on the proprietary deal flow network of relationships we have established over decades working in the industry. 2) The Fund provides participants with opportunities for investment and/or full acquisition (when available) on a deal by deal, self-determined basis. Participants are not bound by a fixed capital commitment that we invest based on our determination of return potential. Rather, participants see all deals that pass our screens, and make their own determination as to whether to invest, based on either return potential or strategic fit/importance.

Our intent has is to create a small and exclusive group of Fund participants, each of whom represent a distinct category in the payments industry, and is granted exclusivity in that category for Pledge Fund purposes. By doing this, we can invest our time, on a category by category and participant by participant basis, in understanding and applying relevant strategic agendas to our deal flow.

Pledge Fund Summary:

The Fund: Payments Innovation Pledge Fund, LP
Focus: Payments and FinTech
Value to Fund Participants: Visibility into the early-stage and growth payments/fintech space (see every deal); no capital commitment/investment decisions made on a deal by deal basis; category exclusivity
Cost: Annual subscription fee with initial two-year commitment